Everyone would be getting a chance to change other life. The opportunity here is to change the chance to help farmers and the nation be self sufficient in food grain or product production


Our Mission to integrate the farmers and like minded investors to grow together, our platform identifies the best crop for the farmer considering the earth parameters such as soil, rain fall, sunlight , water resources and many other things. The identified farmers would be suggested with the best cultivation programmes so as to increase their productivity per acres and by which increase the income. 

We also help in investment to the farmers in the form of cultivation mechanisms required to achieve maximum yield per acre and to minimise the use of fertilizers and  usage of water resources.

Our background of landscaping and knowledge help us in indetification and execution of the process on time every time.


Our farmers face the major challenge in identification of crops which would yield the maximum profit per acre. The other problem the farmers face is the right marketing approach to the product produced. The intermediates exploit the margin benefits from the farmers.

Earth Foundations work in helping them identify the right crop to be cultivated taking the consideration of the earth elements. We also integrate a process chain for them to value add their produce and get a better market value for their produce.


We partner with major Agricultural Universities across the country to help the latest updates to reach the farmer and understand where the investment should be made. This approach of us would help both the farmer and the investor to be benefited.

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