Apis is Latin for bee, and apiculture is the science and practice of bee keeping.Honey hunting still remains an important part of many rural livelihoods and falls within the remit of apiculture, while elsewhere apiculture is practised by highly industrialised agriculturalists in the world’s richest nations.

The maintenance of biodiversity and pollination of crops are the most valuable services provided by bees. Honey is just one of several different products that can be harvested: others are beeswax, pollen and propolis, royal jelly and venom, and the use of bees in apitherapy, which is medicine using bee products. It is still possible to harvest high quality, excellent products from bees using simple equipment and techniques, building on the traditions held in almost every society.

Earth Foundations is promoting the apiculture to empower the women and to bring the enterperuner in them. A group or cluster of women would given training and the supplies needed to start a apiculture farm thus be self sufficient . Donate as much as possiable to make this project a huge sucess.

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